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Our Mission

Through the wide spectrum of acoustic music, our goal is to inspire and educate each individual we serve to personally connect to music. Our combined experience in classical, bluegrass, jazz, and original/improvised music is something not typically offered in the standard curriculum found at most K-12 schools. Because these styles, among others, give each student the chance to make their own music, valuable lessons in creativity, listening, and leadership are achieved. By learning music passed down and played by ear, students learn to associate with the tradition of acoustic music while also finding its inherit freedom which allows them to discover and explore their own inner musicianship.

Educational Programs


Students explore how different presentations of songs change perceptions of the musical material.


A critical examination of the art of music composition in a variety of styles. 


Ensemble Dynamics

Methods in learning how to support others musically are taught and implemented.


Extended Techniques (for the 21st century string player)

A hands-on workshop in which the “chop” and other tactics of modern string playing are learned.



A laboratory in learning how to make music without notation using one’s ear and knowledge of practical strategies.


Musical Survey

A general overview of various styles and how musicians approach them in different and similar ways with Q&A sessions interspersed

Jacob and Grant are both experienced educators. Jacob teaches through Cultural Art Strings where he has a private studio and is the director of the Manchester Youth Orchestra Project. Grant teaches with the University of Michigan String Preparatory Academy. They have presented guest workshops at schools and festivals around the country. As the duo Warren & Flick they were 2017 and 2018 artists in residence with the Lima, OH City Public schools where they taught a diverse range of subjects in grades K-12. A letter of recommendation by Sally Windle, the director of arts and magnet programs, can be read here.


For additional information on Warren & Flick's educational programs, or to engage us for a workshop or residency please contact Jacob Warren at

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